Survey of Dynamics and Motivations for Migration in New Zealand – information releases

These releases provide information on the reasons for internal migration in New Zealand, including the demographic characteristics of people who have moved or not moved, and satisfaction ratings for living conditions.

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Published articles

Reasons for moving within and between regions 

Urban and rural dwellers' reasons for moving 

Do partners have similar reasons for moving? 

The benefits of moving: men and women 

Moving to New Zealand: Reasons and patterns of settlement

Clark, W A V, Morrison, P S (2012). Socio-spatial Mobility and Residential Sorting: Evidence from a Large-scale Survey, Urban Studies 49(15) 3253–3270, November 2012

Morrison, P S, Clark, W A V (2011). "Internal migration and employment: macro flows and micro motives" Environment and Planning A 43(8) 1948 – 1964

Morrison, P.S., W.A.V.Clark, K. Nissen and R. Didham (2009). Moving for employment reasons. In Morrison, P.S. (ed.) Labour, employment and work in New Zealand. Proceedings from the Thirteen Conference, 11th and 12th December 2008. Pages 326-342. (PDF, 584KB),

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Source: Statistics New Zealand
Frequency: Irregular
Available from: 2007
Geographic coverage: National
ISSN: 1178-072X