Exploring the disaggregation of industry multifactor productivity

This report presents the findings of a feasibility study that explored the possibility of disaggregating industry productivity estimates to a sub-industry level.

The findings of the study show that meaningful disaggregated industry productivity statistics cannot be produced with the current data available. This is due to constraints in the data itself as well as to the applicability of the current methodological framework for productivity measurement at a highly detailed industry level.

This report summarises the process, key findings, and recommendations from the feasibility study. The study focused on the disaggregation of productivity estimates for sub-industries defined by the Australia New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification 1996 (ANZSIC 1996) that are currently part of the measured sector. Conclusions reached in this investigation under the ANZSIC 1996 industrial framework are likely to be the same as under ANZSIC 2006, given that the data sources are the same.

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ISBN 978-0-478-37762-0 (online)
Published 20 March 2012